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Welcome to a modern day advice column created by psychiatrist, Dr. Monisha Vasa, and senior meditation teacher, Cayce Howe. Podcasting to you from Orange County, California. Here, no question is too big or too small, no topic is off topic, and the answers all begin and end within you. Join us as we share our spontaneous, off the cuff conversations exploring how to live, as we bring together our collective knowledge and experience from the worlds of mental health, mindfulness and meditation, of course always mixed with a healthy dose of creativity and beginner’s mind. While we may find ourselves at the end with more questions than answers, we hope you join us in our quest to deepen how we live, laugh, love, and learn. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, take a seat on the cushion or the couch, and let’s chat about your burning questions. We’re so glad to be here with you.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Insights Through Creativity

    More Happiness Less Suffering hosts Monisha Vasa, MD and Cayce Howe both speak about their creative journey and what it has meant on their path to self discovery. Both have published poetry books and speak to the insights that can come about only through the unique outlet of "opening to the unknown". ...


  2. David Le, Finding Compassionate Awareness

    David Le is a long time meditator, engineer and former Police officer. David spent 25 years on the police force as a patrol officer, detective and undercover officer. David is currently teaching meditation and mindful movement classes at the John Henry Foundation and Phoenix House. He is a graduate of Spirit ...


  3. Sustainable Caring

    Some of our most challenging and most meaningful moments often arise while caring for others. Whether you are a physician, nurse, mental health professional, teacher, parent, or supporting an aging family member, caring for others becomes an opportunity to develop resilience and make meaning out of our most human, vulnerable ...


  4. Dr. Charmaine Gregory: Life Lessons From an Emergency Physician

    Please join us as Dr. Charmaine Gregory talks about her intriguing journey from the island of Jamaica to the US and the challenges as a ER physician. Website: Instagram @mhlspodcast ...


  5. Less Is More: The Holiday Edition

    Join Dr. Monisha Vasa and Senior Meditation Teacher Cayce Howe as they chat about the speed of life (especially during the holidays) and how we can bring some balance to the chaos.  More Happiness, Less Suffering Website: mhlspodcast.comInstagram @mhlspodcast ...