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Welcome to a modern day advice column created by psychiatrist, Dr. Monisha Vasa, and senior meditation teacher, Cayce Howe. Podcasting to you from Orange County, California. Here, no question is too big or too small, no topic is off topic, and the answers all begin and end within you. Join us as we share our spontaneous, off the cuff conversations exploring how to live, as we bring together our collective knowledge and experience from the worlds of mental health, mindfulness and meditation, of course always mixed with a healthy dose of creativity and beginner’s mind. While we may find ourselves at the end with more questions than answers, we hope you join us in our quest to deepen how we live, laugh, love, and learn. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, take a seat on the cushion or the couch, and let’s chat about your burning questions. We’re so glad to be here with you.
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    Join us on Episode 13 of the More Happiness and Less Suffering podcast as we sit with former Buddhist Monk and Dharma Teacher Scott Tusa to share his expert advice on the spiritual path and how to bring the sacred into everyday life. Connect with us on or Instagram @mhlspodcast More ...


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    Join us on Episode 12 as Cayce Howe and Dr. Monisha Vasa interview hip-hop artist Castor Pollux, on how 'keeping it real' means getting real with your emotions and innate spark. On this episode, learn about how Castor Pollux embraces the intersectionality between mindfulness and creativity to curate hip-hop art ...


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  4. Transformation

    Join us on Episode 10 of the MHLS Podcast as Senior Meditation Teacher Cayce Howe and Psychiatrist Dr. Monisha Vasa discuss moving toward transformation in the here and now by recognizing opportunities to notice extraordinary things in the ordinary. Reach us at and on Instagram @mhlspodcast ...


  5. The Mental Game: An interview with former professional basketball player Justin Johnson

    When you are physically and mentally mindful in your every step, your results flourish into something bigger than expected. Join us on Episode 9 of the MHLS Podcast as Senior Meditation Teacher Cayce Howe and Dr. Monisha Vasa interview former professional basketball player Justin Johnson, on consciously letting go of ...